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It's been a year since a pair of murder suspects escaped into the wilderness, terrified a nation and mobilized police and Indigenous communities to find them. Globe and Mail journalists were on the scene as the searchers zeroed in on Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod. This is what they saw

The Globe and Mail

One year ago, the search for murder suspects Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod ended in the dense forests of Northern Manitoba. The manhunt captivated the country and drew worldwide attention as the RCMP chased the shadowy teens from British Columbia to a small community near Gillam, Man.

As the police released tidbits of information to an anxious public, a local Cree trapper worked behind the scenes. He would have an impact on the search that no one could imagine.

One year after the Manitoba manhunt: The grief and unanswered questions left behind

The Globe and Mail spent more than two weeks on the ground, producing in-depth coverage of the manhunt, and returned in the immediate wake of its dark conclusion for exclusive interviews.

The resulting documentary is both an intimate story of one community living through a waking nightmare, and a portrait of the gruelling investigative work needed to track a pair of killers through a harsh and unforgiving landscape.

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