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Trippy Creations Ltd: reimagining party decor with innovative hand-made UV decorations.

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Trippy Creations Ltd offers revolutionary UV decorations for unique, immersive experiences.

Mix and match UV decor for more immersive effects

Trippy Creations Ltd provides innovative UV party decorations, transforming venues, homes, and sensory rooms into vibrant, visually stunning spaces. Created by a real human artist, Cherise, the brand brings authentic, handmade designs to customers seeking out-of-the-box decor solutions. What began as a humble venture selling decor on Etsy has blossomed into an independent business committed to providing people with immersive experiences of a lifetime.

About the Company

Trippy Creations specializes in UV decor, neon party decorations, and sensory room decor, catering to various occasions such as Halloween parties, New Year's celebrations, and sensory room installations. Unlike mass-produced decorations, Trippy Creations' products are carefully crafted by hand, ensuring attention to detail and quality.

Cherise, the visionary behind Trippy Creations, revolutionized UV decor by introducing it to the e-commerce scene, making it accessible to consumers beyond nightclub and festival settings. Speaking to Cherise herself, "Trippy Creations isn't just about selling products, it's about crafting unforgettable moments and inspiring a sense of creativity. I wanted to provide simple yet effective UV decorations that can be easily installed, allowing customers to focus on enjoying their events. Our UV neon stretchy webs, made from a blend of elastane material, are one of our most popular products. They are super stretchy and versatile, perfect for transforming any space."

The founder hard at work creating customers’ dazzling orders

Versatile, Innovative, and Captivating Decor

With a diverse range of designs, Trippy Creations' UV decor fits into various rooms, venues, and occasions. From supplying mental wards at the NHS with sensory room decor to providing New Year's Party or Halloween decor or decorations for Hollyoaks scenes, the brand caters to a wide spectrum of customers. Trippy Creations has become a source of unique, creative decor that was once only available for nightclubs and festival settings.

Trippy Creations' UV decorations offer numerous benefits, including easy installation, time-saving setup, and suitability for all ages. Each product comes with a free installation guide, making it accessible for customers to create immersive environments effortlessly.

As a small business, Trippy Creations prides itself on its handmade and made-to-order business model. Cherise's dedication to providing bespoke designs using her spray gun machine ensures that each product is unique and tailored to customer preferences.

Being officially trademarked to provide party decorations in the UK not only provides legal protection for Trippy Creations but also reinforces the company's authenticity and trustworthiness for customers. By securing a trademark, Trippy Creations demonstrates its commitment to protecting its brand identity and ensuring the integrity of its products and services. Customers can trust that Trippy Creations is a legitimate and reputable company, as the trademark distinguishes it from competitors. 

Custom made, glowing decorations shipped straight to customers’ doors

Rave Customer Reviews

Customers of Trippy Creations consistently report an exceptional experience, praising the quick response times and top-notch communication. They commend the items for being exactly as described and highlight the exemplary customer service. Many customers express delight in the beautifully crafted UV decor, emphasizing the superior quality and exceeding their expectations.

Cherise, who single-handedly runs the business, has received praise for her professionalism and attention to detail. One customer even credited Cherise with transforming their basic nightclub setup into a psychedelic UV rave cave, expressing a desire to collaborate again in the future. These glowing reviews serve as a testament to the outstanding craftsmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction embodied by Trippy Creations and its founder, Cherise.

Featured is Trippy Creation’s 4m UV Green Stretchy Web installed in a nightclub


Trippy Creations Ltd is a pioneer in the world of party decor and immersive experiences. Specializing in bespoke UV party decorations, sensory room adornments, and neon creations, the company offers a unique blend of innovation, quality craftsmanship, and authenticity. 

Led by visionary founder Cherise, Trippy Creations has revolutionized the industry by bringing captivating UV creations to consumers worldwide through the e-commerce realm. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and official trademark status in the UK, Trippy Creations is not just a provider of decorations but a source of unforgettable experiences that transcend traditional boundaries of decor.

Trippy Creations packaging contains a mixture of cards, flyers and free installation manuals

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