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Is there a grosser smell than freezer-burned bread?

OK, of course there is. But, still. How can something as inoffensive as bread smell so nasty after a long stretch in the freezer? What else in your freezer smells bad? Nothing.

I started thinking about freezer-burned bread after reading an online post about how to keep your bread fresher for longer. In other words, how to throw out less bread and thus waste less money. Fresh bread lasts about three or four days, store bought bread about a week. To keep bread fresh, minimize exposure to heat, moisture and air. Avoid the fridge because it dries bread out and sealed Ziploc bags because they lock in moisture and promote mold growth.

Here’s another thought: The bakeries of the nation start making half loaves and selling them in grocery stores. Full loaves for families, half loaves for couples, singles and others with occasional bread requirements.

Sure, you can freeze your unused bread. Been there, done that and cleaned up the mess. When my wife and I moved a couple of years ago, I took on the job of cleaning the freezer. Many raunchy bags of freezer-burned bread and buns had to be extracted and then composted.

We buy bread much more sparingly now and, unintentionally, we’ve made some smart buying decisions in going for sourdough. It turns out that enzymes in the bread help keep it fresher longer. Also, it makes unbelievably good toast.

By one estimate, Canadians waste 2.2 million tonnes of food annually. Almost two-thirds of the food thrown away could have been eaten. A lot of us need to be more efficient grocery shoppers, but the food industry could do a better job, too.

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