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Q&A with Fleming College president Maureen AdamsonSupplied

What enables colleges to keep up with rapid changes in society and workplaces?

Globally, the pace of change is accelerating. Technologies have altered the nature of how we work and live. At the same time, our demographics are shifting and the changing needs of our diverse populations are putting heightened demand on goods and services. Fleming College stands ready to address the changes in our society and workplace because of strong partnership with employers.

Now, more than ever, employers rely on us to provide them with graduates who have the knowledge and skills needed to increase productivity and innovation in Canada. Employers keep colleges accountable to produce graduates with talents that businesses are looking for. We have a dedicated focus on the labour market of the future and are responsive to the needs of both our graduates and employers through hands-on skills training. Students participate in a range of experiential learning opportunities, including applied research projects and field placements, where they apply what they learn in real-world settings.

What do you see as essential skills students need to be successful within the next decade?

Graduates require both technical and soft skills needed for jobs today and in the future, and must have transferable skills sought after by employers throughout their careers. Lifelong learning and adaptability are key skills that students will need to be successful within the next decade. It is imperative that students benefit from an increase in multidisciplinary skills training and experience, soft skills, as well as the knowledge and supports they need to contribute to our societal needs and innovation in Canada. Our students ‘learn to learn’ and critical thinking is part of all that we teach.

What are some of the support systems that help to ensure student success?

Fleming College is a welcoming place for all and ensures all students feel supported as we work diligently to meet the needs of our diverse populations. We are focused on support services and student well-being on campus and in our communities to create an environment where all learners thrive. We must meet the needs of our diverse populations among our students in culturally safe and inclusive ways, and provide an accessible campus and accessible learning services and supports. Perhaps most important is the emphasis that our curriculum has on student and employee agility and transferable skills.

Fleming will also continue to carve a path to incorporate Indigenous knowledge and experience into curriculum and educate all our students and staff.

How is Fleming College responding to the evolving industry and community needs?

Fleming College’s mission is to empower our students with the innovative education, research and real-world experiences needed to build better lives, better communities and a better world.

To make a positive impact on the economic and social development of industry and community, Fleming partners with our communities, the province and Canada. Our expanding partnerships boost community innovation, and Fleming is proud to partner with organizations such as Peterborough and the Kawarthas Economic Development, Trent University, municipalities and the private sector on many initiatives, with particular emphasis on the advancement of clean waste water where we play an integral role with the industry.

We leverage the talents of our alumni networks to support small business and entrepreneurs who play an increasingly important role in the economy of the future.

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