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Yanik Guillemette Unveils Canadian Maple Company, Revolutionizing Global Maple Syrup Distribution Using Technology

MarketersMEDIA Newswire - Thu Oct 12, 2023

Amid global challenges, Quebec Entrepreneur Yanik Guillemette has singlehandedly launched the Canadian Maple Company. This ambitious venture aims to export the world's purest maple syrup straight from the heart of Canada to international shores. Impressively, with an initial budget of under $5,000, the company is gearing up to welcome its 1 millionth visitor to its website.

Yanik Guillemette, the visionary behind this endeavor, is not only making waves with his economical approach but also with his strategic use of technology. Notably, this digital-centric strategy, powered by the Canadian success storyShopify, has minimized advertising costs to near 0$ while maximizing global reach.

It's no wonder that such exceptional feats didn't go unnoticed. Canadian Maple Company recently caught the attention of tech giant, Google. In a remarkable gesture, Google chose to present a bottle of this exquisite syrup to all VPs of its North American team.

The exceptional syrup from Canadian Maple Co. has traveled across continents. From the bustling markets of China and Japan to the diverse landscapes of Israel, Russia, Brazil, and over 30 states in the USA, this maple syrup has graced many tables and satisfied countless palates. Distributors and resellers from various corners of the world are signaling strong interest, underscoring the escalating demand.

Yanik Guillemette commented, "There is nothing that makes me prouder than exporting our Canadian liquid gold to the rest of the world. For those who have only tasted commercial brands like Aunt Jemima and other chemical syrups, experiencing our 100% pure organic maple syrup is akin to discovering fire. It's a game changer." As the Canadian Maple Co. continues its trajectory, the unwavering commitment to deliver the authentic taste of Canada's heritage remains evident.

For those keen to taste the legacy of Canada's maple heritage and learn more about this groundbreaking venture, visit

About Canadian Maple Company

Founded by Yanik Guillemette, Canadian Maple Co. stands at the forefront of maple syrup exportation, leveraging modern technology to share Canada's authentic syrup with the world.

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