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I’m trying to put a positive spin on the idea of already overburdened renters paying up to $400 or so per year for tenant insurance: If you owned a house, you might pay three or four times that much.

Rent is expensive in many cities and rising quickly. Let me try to convince you why paying an extra $15 to $40 per month for insurance is worth it.

First, tenant insurance covers the stuff you own if it’s damaged by fire or stolen. Second, you’re protected against repair costs if you inadvertently damage your unit or a neighbouring one.

Third, tenants insurance protects you from liability related to injuries that happen in your home, and damage you accidentally caused. Also covered are some degree of living costs if you have to move out of your home while repairs are done. One more type of available coverage is for damages caused by identify theft.

Some tips to make sure you get the right coverage:

  • Do an inventory of your possessions and use the total value when indicating how much coverage you want.
  • Aim for insurance that covers the replacement cost of your possessions, not the cash value after depreciation.
  • Go for $1-million in liability coverage to ensure you’re well protected.
  • If you live at ground level, check into coverage for overland water damage.
  • Choose the right deductible – a low deductible will cost you more per month
  • Finally, compare costs using online quotes or contacting brokers. The process of gathering quotes is tedious, but it pays off if you find a better value policy.

Tenant insurance isn’t mandatory, but some landlords may require it. When renters become owners, you’ll need home insurance to get a mortgage. Condo insurance isn’t a lot more than tenant insurance, but the cost of insuring a house can run easily run you $1,500 per year.

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A: Here’s the column I just wrote on annuities.

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