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Facebook Live Q&A with Rob Carrick and Roma Luciw

Sept. 17, 11:30 am EST

Can you afford to live in a big Canadian city and save money?

Join our personal finance experts:

The downtown lifestyle is expensive. High rents and huge mortgages in Canada’s big cities are mostly responsible but lifestyle, restaurants, bars, gyms, clothing, and concerts are also a factor.

When the pandemic hit last spring, it showed just how financially vulnerable young people living in urban settings are, particularly those working in the gig economy or living on starting salaries.

What we will talk about
  • How can young Canadian prepare for another COVID-19-like disruption to their income?
  • Can you live the urban lifestyle and still save money?
  • If you want to own a home, do you have to give up living in a big city?

Join us:
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