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For those accustomed to formal office environments, the opportunity to dress comfortably while working at home is a welcome one. But where do we draw the line between business and casual?

Get in the right mindset with these five work-from-home outfit ideas

For those accustomed to formal office environments, the opportunity to dress comfortably while working at home is a welcome one. But where do we draw the line between business and casual? We asked five style makers to share the outfits they’ve been donning while working from home.

Porus Vimadalal


“As a photographer, most of my work is on-location or in studios. There, I usually wear an airy shirt with denim or high-waisted pants. In this present time of self-isolation, I’m working on some personal projects, like a series of still-life images with daily objects I find at home. When in work-from-home mode, I prefer to wear comfortable clothing that simultaneously appeals to my aesthetic – tonal dressing. This puts me in a great mood and also enables me to feel productive and ready to work. I always believe the way we dress reflects the way we feel – and want to feel!”

Saisha Guzder

Marketing Coordinator, Public Programming and Brand, Art Gallery of Ontario

“As someone who has always been drawn to loungewear, working from home allows me to lean into that part of my wardrobe more. I’ve been wearing a lot of silk PJs, block-printed cotton robes and cute sweatsuits. Working from home for me means creating the ultimate cozy and comfortable space in which to focus, and that starts with what I’m wearing. I tend to gravitate toward natural fibres like cotton, silk and linen, which keep me looking professional on Zoom conference calls – especially with the Indian heritage jewellery I layer on.”

Farrah Khan

Gender Justice Educator, Speaker and Advocate

Farrah Khan, Kristyn Wong-Tam and 10-month-old Kiyan Wong-Tam

“I have been on maternity leave from Ryerson University caring for our 10-month-old active and curious son, which is a full-time job. I still find a way to be active on committees, national projects and public education to address gender-based violence. My wife is a city councillor, and her schedule is also extremely full, especially now working from home because of COVID-19. We take turns caring for him while juggling video and conference calls around his play, nap, story and feeding times. We are figuring this out, and it sometimes means co-workers play peek-a-boo with our baby on video or we break into a Raffi song mid-meeting. My criteria for work-from-home clothes are that they must be soft to touch, have easy access for breastfeeding and be colourful and comfortable for playing on the floor at a moment’s notice.”

Dani Roche

Owner, Kastor & Pollux

“I’ve been running my design studio, Kastor & Pollux, out of my live/work space for over the past year so I’m well acquainted with the trials and tribulations that come with working at home. The biggest change for me is the lack of (physical) face time with collaborators and clients. Over the past month, the most I’ve dressed up is a fancy top paired with sweatpants (for video calls!), which is definitely a divergence from the arduous process of picking out an outfit every day. If anything, I think my shoes miss me!”

Siobhan Barrie

Community Lead, Mejuri

“Getting dressed when working from home is something that keeps my old routine in place. My outfit choices have gotten a lot more comfortable, i.e. no jeans and makeup allowed. Trousers and loose clothing is what I lean toward every day so that I am comfortable but not wearing sweatpants. Putting on a fresh outfit sets me on a path mentally for a productive day. My jewellery is always a main part of my outfit and never leaves me. It’s amazing how much more pulled together a slip dress and an oversized shirt look with some gold jewellery.”

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