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Manitoba Métis Federation Partners with LENX, Propelling AI Security Solutions Past $100 Million Valuation Post-Series A-1 Funding

GetNews - Tue Apr 30, 8:06AM CDT

The Law Enforcement Network's (LENX) groundbreaking AI-powered security platform has achieved a remarkable milestone, surpassing a valuation of over $100 million after securing Series A-1 funding from Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF). This significant milestone not only signals financial support but also reflects a resolute dedication to advancing global safety standards. Under the leadership of Founder and President Hussein AbuHassan, LENX is poised to revolutionize security protocols worldwide with its innovative artificial intelligence technologies.

LENX's Series A-1 funding injects financial resources into the company, enabling the launch of transformative initiatives aimed at realizing its vision of a safer world. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and proprietary technologies, LENX delivers real-time threat detection such as weapons, smoke, fire, AI-driven drone surveillance, and seamless communication capabilities to institutions, empowering them with unparalleled intelligence-sharing tools during critical emergencies.

A notable endorsement of LENX's potential comes from the Manitoba Métis Federation, affirming the company's role in disrupting the security landscape. This strategic partnership will facilitate the immediate implementation of innovative security projects, exemplifying LENX's commitment to delivering effective security solutions.

The Manitoba Métis Federation stands as a prominent advocate for the Red River Métis, embodying their legacy and serving as their national government. As Canada's sole officially recognized Métis Government, the MMF plays a crucial role in representing the claims, rights, and interests of the Red River Métis. Established in 1967 and later incorporated to fulfill Canadian requirements for program eligibility, the MMF operates with democratic principles, providing responsible and accountable governance. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, the MMF continues to protect the Red River Métis, advocating for their well-being and preserving their cultural heritage

President Hussein AbuHassan emphasizes “I am thrilled about the remarkable achievement of surpassing a $100 million valuation following our Series A-1 funding round led by the Manitoba Métis Federation. This milestone is not just a testament to our financial growth but also underscores our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing global security standards through cutting-edge AI technology. The strategic partnership with the Manitoba Métis Federation is pivotal, enabling us to deploy our AI-driven security solutions more broadly and effectively. Together, we are setting new benchmarks in safety and demonstrating the power of innovation to protect communities worldwide. Our team at LENX is motivated more than ever to push the boundaries of what is possible in security technology to create a safer, more secure future for all.”

With the infusion of funds from the Series A-1 funding round, LENX has strategically expanded its presence into new territories. Executive Director Alex Lemberg emphasizes, "Our goal has always been to revolutionize conventional security models through AI innovation. This investment accelerates our efforts to enhance our products and extend our reach."

Additionally, LENX's collaboration with the Manitoba Métis Federation includes the selection of specific buildings and projects for deploying the LENX platform, reinforcing critical infrastructure against potential threats. This decision underscores the platform's effectiveness and significance in safeguarding essential institutions.

Christina Shteiwi, Operations Director at LENX remarks, “The partnership between the Manitoba Métis Federation and LENX is more than a strategic alignment; it is a profound commitment to enhancing the safety and security of all communities. This funding allows us to pioneer AI-driven security solutions that are not only reactive but proactive, recognizing and neutralizing threats before they manifest. Our vision is clear—create an environment where fear is replaced by freedom, and security is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of daily life. This collaboration is a testament to our shared mission to protect, serve, and inspire a brighter, safer future for everyone.”

The Series A-1 funding milestone and strategic collaboration with the Manitoba Métis Federation highlight the profound impact of LENX's AI-powered security solutions. As LENX continues to innovate, it remains committed to ensuring safety and security in an increasingly complex world.

For more information about LENX and its AI-powered security solutions, please visit here.

About LENX:

LENX AI is at the forefront of revolutionizing public safety with advanced AI security systems. Specializing in weapons detection, drone surveillance, and communications solutions, LENX’s goal is to enhance safety measures across various sectors. The LENX Platform is an innovative mobile application smartwatch that connects users directly with authoritative and security agencies. This ground-breaking application allows swift emergency assistance, eliminating the need to dial 911 and reducing prolonged wait times. LENX AI is more than just a company; it's a movement towards a safer, more secure future.

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