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This week: Five former members of the 2018 Canadian world junior hockey team were charged with sexual assault, after London, Ont., police asked them to surrender to authorities last week. Four of the accused — Michael McLeod, Dillon Dubé, Carter Hart and Cal Foote — are NHL players. Their former teammate Alex Formenton plays professionally in Europe. The status of the NHL’s investigation into the events surrounding the alleged assault is unknown.

Also this week, Alberta announced a package of proposals to roll back transgender rights, while public hearings for the year-long public inquiry on foreign interference finally began.

Do you remember these stories and more? Take our news quiz.

1The public inquiry on foreign interference officially kicked off this week, looking into how China, Russia and India may have interfered in the 2019 and 2021 federal elections. Which country do the federal Conservatives also want included?
a. Iran
b. North Korea
c. Argentina
d. United States

a. Iran. The Conservatives’ lawyer Nando De Luca requested Iran be scrutinized in the inquiry, writing, “Iranian foreign interference is an active, present threat in Canada, and one that the current government has not taken appropriate action on.”

2Alberta Premier Danielle Smith announced proposals targeting trans and non-binary youth in the province. What were those proposals?
a. Banning teachers from using a student’s preferred name or pronouns without parental consent
b. Requiring parental consent to attend lessons on gender identity, sexuality or sexual orientation
c. Limiting trans athletes from competing in sporting competitions
d. All of the above

d. All of the above. Following similar policies introduced in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan last year, Alberta’s proposals are the most restrictive in the country when it comes to legislation regarding gender, sexuality and identity.

3With boyfriend Travis Kelce playing in the Super Bowl next week, Taylor Swift is all set to attend the big game. But what unexpected hurdle might she face?
a. She has a concert booked for that same night
b. The Las Vegas airport’s private jet parking lot is full
c. Her passport expires a few days before
d. Her ex Harry Styles was invited to attend the game in the Chiefs’ box

b. The Las Vegas airport’s parking lot is full. Aviation officials told reporters that all 475 available parking spaces for private jets are already booked for Super Bowl weekend. With Swift flying back from a Feb. 10 show all the way in Japan, she’d better already have booked a spot.

4True or False: After five former members of the 2018 world juniors team were charged with sexual assault, Hockey Canada shared its own internal report of the incident with the parliamentary committee looking into the organization.
a. True
b. False

b. False. The committee ordered the report back in March 2023, but paused the request after concerns it could harm any potential investigations. After the charges were laid this week, MPs on the committee are considering an order to obtain the report again. Hockey Canada said it will share the report if requested, but have concerns about its contents getting leaked.

5Scientists described what this week as, ‘something out of a Dr. Seuss book’?
a. A new variety of green eggs produced in Norway
b. The discovery of a fuzzy, striped bird species in the Galapagos
c. A fossil of a tree in New Brunswick straight out of The Lorax
d. A Who-like genetic mutation in Costa-Rican monkey noses

c. A fossil of a strange tree. The Sanfordia densifolia, discovered in a New Brunswick quarry, features a long trunk with big, frizzy leaves. The fossil is estimated to be roughly 350-million-years old.

6What surprising item was stolen from a resort near Edmonton?
a. A 12-foot, 500-pound taxidermied polar bear
b. A 25-foot swirly blue water slide
c. The entire front desk
d. A pair of antique skis

a. A taxidermied polar bear. Owners of the Lionsheart Wholeness Centre said the theft seemed so impossible that they didn’t even notice the bear, named Harry, was missing until a few days later. Alberta police on the case are calling it “The Heist of the Big Polar Bear.”

7Which NBA star has the top-selling NBA jersey in Canada?
a. LeBron James
b. Steph Curry
c. Pascal Siakam
d. Scottie Barnes

d. Scottie Barnes. The Toronto Raptors forward topped the list for the first half of the NBA season. James and Curry rounded out the top three, while former Raptor Siakam, who was traded two weeks ago, was fourth on the list.

8The federal ethics watchdog cleared Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of any wrongdoing after he accepted a gifted luxury vacation in Jamaica. What was the watchdog’s reason?
a. The gifter was a “true friend”
b. It happened in 2023, and can’t be evaluated in 2024
c. Vacations are exempt from scrutiny
d. The ethics commissioner was also gifted a Jamaican vacation

a. The gifter was a “true friend”. On Tuesday, Interim Ethics Commissioner Konrad von Finckenstein said the gift came from a friend of the PM’s and doesn’t consider it to be exceptional enough to warrant an investigation.

9What “once-in-a-generation” find did a Saskatchewan collector discover this week?
a. Boxes of sealed hockey cards that could contain ultra-rare Wayne Gretzky rookie cards
b. An acoustic guitar played by Elvis Presley at a 1957 concert in Ottawa
c. A treasure chest of mint-condition 1858 Canadian 10-cent coins
d. A camera collection owned by Andy Warhol — with unpublished negatives

a. Boxes of sealed hockey cards. The case of 16 sealed boxes from 1979-1980 is estimated to contain 25 to 30 copies of Gretzky's rookie card. A single mint-condition copy sold for $3.75 million in a 2021 auction.

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