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Learning to manage your money and investments is hard enough as it is. Now imagine having to figure it all out in a foreign country.

You’re trying to decide where to open your first bank account, while at the same time looking for a place to live and, quite possibly, job hunting. It’s a lot to take in, especially when everything is new and unfamiliar.

Hi, my name is Erica Alini, I’m a personal finance reporter at the Globe and I, too, was once new to this country. That’s why I wrote the Newcomers’ Guide to Finances in Canada, a free, five-week newsletter course on personal finance and investing for people who’ve recently moved here from abroad – as well as those who are contemplating making the leap.

The Newcomers’ Guide begins with the basics of getting to know Canada’s banking system and understanding credit scores. It moves on to navigating the rental market and saving for a house down payment, debt and borrowing, taxes and government benefits, and investing.

There are sections on financial products specifically geared to immigrants, such as newcomer bank accounts and career loans. And there’s plenty of straight talk about what’s great, not-so-great, or just downright bad about managing your money in this country. An important take-away from the first newsletter, for example: loyalty to your bank doesn’t pay.

Last year Canada welcomed over one million people. Yet, there is precious little personal finance content aimed specifically at recent immigrants. So if you know someone who’s still trying to find their way around – be it an international student, a refugee or an established professional – please consider forwarding them a link to the Newcomers’ Guide.

It’s the road map to making good financial decisions in this country that I wish I’d had when I first arrived.

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