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Web Notifications FAQs

What are Web Notifications?

Also referred to as Web Alerts, they are browser-specific messages that notify you when a breaking news story has been released on The Globe and Mail's website. You do not need to be on our site or even have a browser open to receive them, but you do need to have notifications turned on in your browser.

What is a Soft Push Prompt?

The soft push prompt is a message you will see while visiting The Globe's website that prompts you to allow Notifications. Our current design looks like this:

Example Globe and Mail soft prompt

Which browsers support Web Notifications?

Web Notifications are supported in Firefox 44+, Chrome 42+, Safari 7+ and Opera 39+.

Who controls the delivery of Web Notifications?

The Globe newsroom manages the distribution of the notifications. In most cases, they will send out the same alert to all platforms, including the iOS/Android apps and the website. However, they can choose to send a notification to only a specific platform.

If I am already signed up for push alerts in the iOS or Android mobile app, will I receive Web Notifications as well?

Yes. We do our best to prevent readers receiving the same notification more than once on the same device, but if you allow notifications on multiple devices, you may see the same notification on multiple devices.

What should I do if I block notifications in my browser but then change my mind?

You will need to adjust your browser settings to allow notifications and unblock The Globe site from sending you Web Notifications. You will not receive a Soft Push Prompt again if you have turned off notifications in your browser.

What if the Soft Push Prompt closes before I click “allow”?

The Globe will make up to 3 attempts to show you the Soft Push Prompt over a period of several weeks, so you will have another chance to allow them.

How do I sign up for Web Notifications?

Web Notifications are only offered to readers who have allowed notifications within their browser settings. The Soft Push Prompt will appear on top of your screen, on the right hand side. We have put pretty strict rules in place to avoid readers getting the message too many times.

How do I turn off Web Notifications?

Adjust your browser settings to turn off Web Notifications from The Globe. This may be easiest to do while visiting The Globe website and looking for permissions you have granted to the site in your browser. We recommend you switch your settings back to “ask” instead of “block” in case you change your mind later on.

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